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Sauvons notre ami Samy le Chameau / Save our friend Samy Camel






Une nouvelle page s'ouvre sur notre histoire de la Vie

" Au Pays des Gorilles" avec Arineitwe Moses

A new page opens with another story of Life
"In the Land of Gorillas" with Moses Arineitwe


De passage dans le village de Rugando en Ouganda,

Originaire de Somalie et agé de 8 ans,

nous faisons la connaissance de Samy le Chameau.


Utilisé comme un animal de cirque à travers les pays d'Afrique, 

afin qu'il serve à faire des photos souvenir avec des dizaines de personnes

montant sur son dos, sur des centaines de kilomètres des hommes forcent

sans cesse Samy à se coucher, se mettre à genoux, se lever,

des milliers de fois par jour.


Une Vie de souffrance pour Samy à sillonner l'Afrique,

une Vie utilisée au seul profit de l'argent,

maltraité, privé de liberté, de dignité et d'Amour.

Une Vie que nous ne pouvons tolérer et accepter.



Passing through the village of Rugando Uganda
Originally from Somalia, aged 8 years,
we meet Samy Camel.

Used as a circus animal through the African,
so that it serves to make souvenir photos with dozens of people
amount on his back, hundreds of kilometers of men force
Samy always to lie, kneel, stand,
thousands of times per day.

Suffering Life Samy crisscrossing Africa
a Life used for the sole benefit of money,
abused, deprived of freedom, dignity and love.
A life that we can not tolerate and accept.



Avec Arineitwe Moses nous faisons la promesse aujourd'hui de rendre

sa Liberté à Samy, nous voulons lui offrir une vie de paix,

une vie où l'être humain ne le torture pas.


Nous voulons offrir à Samy un nouvelle vie Digne et Respectée,

un nouveau refuge sur notre terre de Kanyabirago en Ouganda,

Terre de partage pour l'homme et les animaux,

à l'abri de la cruauté humaine, Samy pourra enfin se reposer

et Vivre Libre.


Pour cela nous avons besoin d'être tous Ensemble,

nous lancons un appel mondial pour SAUVER SAMY,

Ces hommes détenant et torturant Samy demande 4000$

pour que nous puissions lui rendre sa Liberté.


Une énorme somme que nous ne pouvons réunir seul,

plus que jamais nous avons besoin de nous donner la main,

notre ami Samy a besoin de nous, pour l'Amour des animaux,

pour l'Amour de la Vie pour tous, ne laissons pas Samy souffrir plus longtemps.


With Moses Arineitwe we make a promise today
Freedom to Samy's, we want to offer him a life of peace,
a life where human beings do not torture.

We want to give Samy a new life worthy and  Respected,
a new home on our Kanyabirago land in Uganda
Land sharing for humans and animals,
free from human cruelty, Samy will finally rest
and Free Living.

For this we need to be all together,
We are launching a global call to SAVE SAMY,
These men holding and torturing Samy asks $ 4,000
so we can give him his freedom.


A huge amount that we can not meet alone,
more than ever we need to join hands,
Samy our friend needs us to love animals,
for the Love of Life for all, do not let Samy suffer any longer.






Merci infiniment à tous pour votre amour de la vie,

encore une fois nous prouvons que tous Ensemble nous sommes plus forts.


Faire un don pour SAMY



Thank you very much to all for your love life,
again we prove that all together we are stronger.



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Wish i could rescue samy aged 8 years .
He is currently being used to make money by being used for rides and being jumped

on every time some one wants to have a photo on his back .
It makes me so annoyed to see this happening to our fellow being

or humans to make profits .
Moving all around Uganda and hopefuly kenya as well .
He is originaly from Somalia .
I would feel happy to see him free from long distances being over worked by force .
Its a process that needs alot of money that i can't personaly manage .
Last two weeks he was in my area and iam now told he is almost in kampala being

abused all the way by humans .
I have tried to talk to the men using it to get him free

but they cant due to money evil .

Arineitwe Moses


I hope if we join hands we will save him to his freedom .
I just had a phone call with one of the men and its like all they think is making him

suffer more getting the most they can .
Iam also looking on how we can look after him after rescuing him .

Its possible we can save him and see him free , moving freely as no one rides

and made to sit down and up for one to pause on his back for photos .
I wish we will together .

Arineitwe Moses


Iam working on it but its expensive for me now .
I will see if other animal lovers can help then we will free him .
I cried when i saw him suffer .

Seeing this beautiful animal being abused is so sad .

Arineitwe Moses