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My daily work to save nature is majorly community sensitisation about the benefits of gorilla conservation.


We fully understand that empty stomach have no ears. looking at drivers of threats to gorilla conservation (poaching and encroachment) as being poverty and hunger at some degree. We strive to make sure that the Batwa pygmies who used to thrive by depending on the park have a sustainable and economically viable alternative source of living, more so to women whose hopes are gone due to HIV/AIDS epidermic, homeless, divorced and with their burden of caring for their children. We predict such population will contribute to a huge team of future poachers and resource encroachments. to mitigate that as a community, we engage them into livelihood transformation activities such as sustainable agriculture,(mushrooms, vegetables, pigs, fruits and bee keeping) we help them with knowledge to produce crops, learn nutrition, then help them to sell their produce and make an income.


We also go a head to help them plan for their incomes earned. This will help us have a future community with educated people who will by no doubt value biodiversity conservation. This is our long term goal. The people we are serving have a better testimony. Currently we are engaged with park authorities in community conservation awareness and sensitisation activities, we work with the office of the community conservation warden to sensitize the public.


Then we now want to start doing research between the park rangers and the community to find out conservation challenges that are community originated and possible solutions.

We hope to use researched results to begin new approaches creating initiatives for future community participation in conservation of nature.

To serve people and nature better, we need research equipment (GPS, voice recorders, cameras, computers, printers and stationary, projectors and screens) we need to extend electricity at the farm, we need means of transport (motorcycle) and a small van to help the organisation take farmers produce to the market carry on our mobile sensitisation activities, money to run supporting activities to our farmers as well as management costs.

I chose to work with the park because i wish to reword the gorillas.


Gorilla conservation helped me to study all my studies up to the university. When i was at the university i got a dream to contribute to the conservation of the gorillas. The tourists who came to see the gorillas helped me to study when i was their helper carrying their bags. my worry is that with increased poaching these attractive animals may extinct and the future population loose such opportunities. I have to work to help end drivers to poaching and encroachment and also creating awareness about the benefits to gorilla conservation towards the community.


Am very happy to communicate with you at this time .

Yours sincerely, John Bosco Tusingwire.